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76th D-Day Commemorative Night Jump

  • 5 Jun 2020
  • 6 Jun 2020
  • Kay Larkin Field, 4015 Reid St, Palatka, FL 32177


  • REGISTRATION CODE IS UNDER LOGISTICS SECTION OF YOUR REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL - Basic Airborne Refresher- For jumpers who have not jumped in greater than 180 days but not more than 2 years. Also for jumpers who who are unfamiliar with MIRPS-SLC or for any jumper who wishes to attend. This is refresher will start at 0800hrs 5 June 2020. You must register for the event first and then enter the REGISTRATION CODE to get your name on the list.
  • Must be current (last steerable round canopy jump) within 2 years on June 5, 2020 using a SF10, MC1, or SET 10 static line round canopy. If not jumped in last 180 days you must attend BAR 0800 5 June 2020. Register for BAR once jumper registration is completed. In order to participate in the night jump you must make one qualifying day jump on June 5th. $80 covers your registration and 1 jump from the C47 for this event.

Registration is closed

RCPT-USA wishes to commemorate the 76th anniversary of Operation Neptune, the airborne portion of Operation Overlord on the night of June 5-6, 2020 by conducting a parachute drop from the WWII veteran war bird C-47, Tico Belle.  Jumps will be available from the C47 during for daylight jumps from the afternoon of 5 June and all day 6 June 2020- weather dependent.   We are also planning on a sunset load , 5 June 2020.

This event is open for all  qualified steerable round canopy parachutists who are trained and experienced wtih SF10/MC6, MC1, or Set 10 parachute systems.  Sorry, no new jumpers for this one. 

To qualify jumpers must be current and have a logged steerable round canopy parachute jump in the last 180 days or you must attend our Basic Airborne Refresher (BAR) the morning of Friday June 5th.  Any jumper wishing to make the night jump must complete a day jump prior to being manifested on the night load.  The aircraft arrives at 1100hrs June 5th and will be conducting daylight qualifying jumps throughout the afternoon.  The aircraft will remain on station June 6th for additional jumps.

If you fall outside of the 180 day window but have jumped a steerable round canopy static line parachute in the last 2 years you are welcome to join us but you must attend the BAR Friday, 5 June 2020 at 0800. No jumpers who's last jump was greater than 2 years prior to 5 June 2020 will be manifested.  This is not a training event.

All jumpers must use the MIRPS-SLCP system and a Direct Bag deployment system- strictly NO MODIFIED PARACHUTES.  We have plenty of acceptable parachutes and reserves as rentals.  So bring your own or rent one of ours.  If a jumper is not familiar with the MIRPS-SLCP reserve system then you must attend BAR at 0800 on June 5th, 2020.


Event Fee- A desire to jump and honor our greatest generation!

Jump Cost- $80/jump

Night Jump- Must complete qualifying daylight jump June 5th to manifest.

Parachute Rental- $25 per jump, $50 one day rental, $80 2 day rental (Friday and Saturday)

Main Parachute Pack Tickets- $25 per main pack

MIRPS-SLCP rental- $25 for event/ $60 to repack if accidentally deployed (no repack charge if it saves your life)

Reserve Parachute Pack Ticket- Must be arranged with certified rigger (if your reserve is out of date riggers may not be available to pack it during event- Team Reserves available).

Packing lanes will be available for jumpers who pack their own. 

Lodging options - Camping at the DZ (we have space for tents or RVs) or sleeping in the hangar. Hotels options include Sleep Inn Palatka 3805 Reid St, Palatka, FL 32177 PH# (386)325-8889 or Holiday Inn Express Palatka, 3813 Reid St, Palatka, FL 32177 PH# (386) 325-2500.  Hotels are adjacent to one another and are 1 mile from DZ (ask for skydiver discount)

Arrivals: Nearest airports are Gainesville (GNV) and Jacksonville (JAX). Let us know your flight plans, so we can help link up travelers for car-pooling to and from the airport.

Clothing: We are encouraging everyone who has them to be in their M42s and Boots however, any style military field uniform is fine, but you can wear any long sleeve, long pants, and over the ankle boot ensemble you like.

Suitable helmets include the Pro-Tec, Crye, Ops-Core FAST (ballistic and bump), Team Wendy, PT Alpha/Bravo;  RCPT also has available helmets for use with a small deposit if needed. Airsoft helmets are not suitable for parachuting.

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