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RCPT-USA Returns to the Stuart Air Show 2017

25 Sep 2017 10:26 | John Hoffstetter (Administrator)

Stuart, Florida —  The Round Canopy Parachute Team- USA (RCPT-USA), a World War II demonstration parachute team, is proud to participate in The Stuart Air Show 2017 from November 3-5, 2017.  RCPT-USA is returning in 2017 and will be conducting three WWII style parachute jumps from the C-47 warbird, Tico Belle. 

There will be informative displays, interactive presentations, and jump preparation and command demonstrations on the aircraft staging line and RCPT-USA’s team area. RCPT-USA participated in one of the largest WWII parachute demonstrations.  This record setting multi-ship parachute drop was reported as the largest WWII style parachute demonstration ever at an airshow in Ypsilanti, Michigan. RCPT-USA routinely participates in commemorations of Normandy and Market Garden parachute operations.  RCPT-USA work with several WWII veteran aircraft including the C-47 Tico Belle, the C-53  D-Day Doll, the C-46 Tinker Belle, and other WW2 transport aircraft from around the world. RCPT-USA uses state of the art communications and drop zone planning to perform safe and professional airborne operations. 

RCPT-USA’s mission is to safely perform World War II style parachuting activities as well as conducting memorial services to honor Allied Paratroopers and all veterans who fought and died to defeat despotism around the world.  We do this in order to reinforce the memory of their priceless deeds of valor and their selfless sacrifices to restore peace on Earth.  Many of RCPT-USA members are retired or active members of the United States and Allied militaries who have performed airborne operations around the world.

RCPT-USA is a member of the International Council of Air Shows, and attends the ICAS convention annually.

RCPT-USA have conducted Successful airshows from coast to coast. Contact us at rcpt.us@gmail.com.


  • 23 Feb 2018 08:23 | Kevin Crowell
    I look forward to attending this amazing event. 2017’s event was wonderful with RCPT and all the great folks of the Air Show.
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