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RCPT-USA Participates in 2018 D-Day Commemoration

6 Jun 2018 08:06 | John Hoffstetter (Administrator)

RCPT-EU:  Normandy 2018 jump manifest is confirmed, the first jump of our Overlord 2018 commemorative airborne operations in Normandy will takeoff from Upottery, UK. This first jump named “ Operation Albany 2018” is one of the 5 historic jumps 


Normandy, France. May 31st 2018 – June 6th 2018

C47 Commemorative Jumps

General Information

On the invite of the towns of Upottery, Carentan, Azeville, Sainte Mère Eglise, and Azeville Round Canopy Parachuting Team (RCPT) will performed five commemorative drops during the 74th anniversary of the D-day landings.

RCPT performed these jumps in WWII style with respect of all current general safety lines and RCPT’s FAA approved Standard Operation Procedures. The event is lead in the spirit of the airborne brotherhood; we offer the public and participants a performance of historical accuracy on famous historical Drop Zones. Further it is the goal of the Team to honor the veterans and further the memory to the public through our airborne demonstrations and displays.


Qualified parachutist
Current RCPT Member or RCPT Guest
Current on jump status, at least one satisfactory round canopy jump in the preceding 6 months
Fit to jump medical declaration not older than 24 months
You must have a third party reliability insurance covering parachute activities.

Own MC-1C/D, SF10 or set 10 main parachute with 5ft “C47” extension, all steerable, checked and approved by a certified Rigger in the previous 12months
Own T-10R reserve or Mirps, checked and approved in the previous 6 months by a certified Rigger.
There will be no rental parachutes.

WWII U.S M42 jumpsuit 
WWII style jumpboots or “Corcorans”, WWII steel helmets (no D bales). 
Authorised equipment: M-36 Musette bags, M-36 style suspenders, first aid pouch, ammo pouch, Para rope, Mae-West life vest, M2 paratrooper switch knife.
Current uniforms to jump on separate lifts. 
No current uniforms allowed on the Cross Chanel flight/Jump

C47 Dakota, Drag ‘m Oot

Day One: Friday June 1st 2018 Cross channel flight Upottery – Carentan Jump.

Operation Albany 2018 

For the very first time since 5th June 1944, RAF Upottery will be the departure airfield for another C-47 to cross the English Channel and drop RCPT Parachutists on Normandy soil.

RAF Upottery, known to the USAAF as Station 462 was built in 1943 as a Class ‘A’ bomber base. It was home to the 439th Troop Carrier Squadron under the command of Col. Charles H Young. 

81 C-47 aircraft took off from Upottery on the night of 5th June 1944 dropping over 1300 men from the 101st airborne on Drop Zone C near St. Marie Du Mont in Operation Albany, the codename for the 439th TCS’s role in the D-Day Landings.

The Airfield also launched C-47 aircraft towing Gliders containing men from the 82nd Airborne Division in Operation Hackensack on 7th June 1944.

Just as the original Band Of Brothers 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, U.S. 101st Airborne Division, the Round Canopy Parachuting Team will board at RCPT UK HQ RAF Upottery for the first Normandy 2018 commemorative jump on Carentan. RCPT jumpers will recreate history, taking off from the original concrete runway used 74 years ago almost exactly to the day!

The Airfield and its history is preserved by the South West Airfields Heritage Trust. RCPT jumpers can explore the area and visit the museum opened by the organization, containing original photographs and artifacts of the airfield before we make this historic flight to our Drop Zone Carentan.
This jump is part of the official commemorative program and ceremonies of Carentan and Upottery, UK. 

Slots are very limited on this jump since we do only one flight. Departure to the UK scheduled Thursday May 31st by ferry boat.

Day Two: Saturday June 2nd 2018 Operation Vernon Staley,

DZ Azeville Batteries

The German Batterie at Azeville is part of the iron triangle and is situated to the north of Utah Beach.
Just after dawn on June 6th 1944, after an eventful night, shells started dropping in the area. Crisbecq had quickly sunk a destroyer. Azeville, whilst not sinking a ship, damaged several ships during the first few hours. 
The Americans landing on Utah had the taking of this batterie as one of their D-day objectives. The American troops of the 4th Infantry Division who disembarked at Utah had the objective of controlling both Crisbecq and Azeville batteries by the afternoon of D-day. The German resistance was more intense than had been anticipated. By the evening of D-day, the Americans had not been able to move against either batterie, and despite the best efforts of the navy force at sea, the batteries and most of their defences were still in tact. The first American assault on Crisbecq was a disaster and the Americans withdrew. On the morning of June 7th the Americans launched their first attack on Azeville. Infantry, supported by Sherman 75 mm tanks approached casemates 3 & 4 from the south east. The first tanks got to within 80 metres of the casemates, and both the Americans and Germans opened fire at the same time.
The first assault amounted to nothing but there were many dead on both sides. This was the first of many assaults and between each assault the USS Nevada shelled both batteries together with Quineville a little further to the north. During the night of June 7th - 8th, the Americans tried to surround both batteries for another assault. The commander of Crisbecq "Commander Ohmsen" phoned Azeville to ask that them to shell his batterie to try and dislodge the Americans. During the night of June 8th - 9th the USS Nevada damaged casemate No 1 with two 356 mm shells (14 inch). The first caused the damage visible on the exterior wall and the second came in through the gun window. This shell did not explode, but killed the gun crew of five before entering the plotting room and also killed the crew in here. During the morning of June 9th, the Americans bombarded the area and encountered weak resistance. The Captain walked out of casemate No 4 with an American parachutist who had 
been taken prisoner earlier, waving a white flag. For the troops at Azeville the war was over. Of the German force of around 250 at the start of the battles 169 were taken prisoner. 

Day Three, Sunday June 3rd 2018 Sainte Mère Eglise – La Fière
DZ La Fière : Operation George Tullidge 82nd AB (KIA June 1944) 

One of the essential missions of the 82nd American Airborne Division was to take the bridges spanning the Fière river and the ones in Chef-du-Pont, all located west of Sainte-Mère-Église. Between 6 and 9 June 1944, fierce battles took place in the surrounding area of Merderet, in the midst of swamps purposely flooded by German forces.
On 6 June, at daybreak, a company belonging to the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) as well as soldiers from the 507th and 508th regiments took the La Fière manor as well as the bridge over la Fière river by storm. At the end of the afternoon, German forces, though backed up by tanks, failed to recapture the bridge.
The following two days German forces counter-attacked repeatedly. Yet, in spite of a lack of ammunitions, the American soldiers stood their ground. On 9 June General John Gavin led a bloody assault through the flooded areas to take control of the road and make it safe. Backed up by tanks from Utah Beach, American paratroopers managed, once and for all, to take the village of Cauquigny. This victory put an end to the battle of La Fière river.
To pay tribute to the numerous American paratroopers and infantry men who lost their lives in this area, a statute baptized ‘Iron Mike’ was erected. This year again, the RCPT will perform commemorative airdrops along with the active military airborne forces on DZ “La Fière”. Our 2018 jump will be dedicated to George Tullidge, who valiantly served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, he was wounded during the battle of the la Fière bridge and succumbed to his wounds on June 8th, on board a ship to England. He was 20 years old..

Day Four, Monday June 4th 2018 Foucarville
Operation "Continental Central Enclosure No 19" DZ “A” 
Shortly after D-day the amount of German prisoners captured by the Allies was causing problems as many small camps were springing up around Normandy.
It was decided in order to save man power in guarding the Germans that larger camps would be formed. It was to be known as "Continental Central Enclosure No 19"
The camp at Fourcaville established on DZ “A” was eventually to house 20,000 prisoners eventually 40,000 Axis prisoners were kept here, including 218 Generals and even 6 Admirals.

Day Five, Tuesday June 5th late night Jump.
Operation “Miss Drop on Normandy”. Secret Location, Normandy.

This jump is dedicated to Paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Units that missed their drop zones in the early hours of the 6th June 1944. You’ll land in Normandy for sure but you’ll get more information on the ground!

Schedule: (this is a tentative schedule, updates will be sent out if changes occur.) 

Thursday, May 31st 
Who: Cross Channel Operation “Albany” participants.
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville
When: 07.00 AM 
Purpose: Paper checks, signing of waivers, equipment checks
10.30 AM Group departure to Cherbourg.
12.30 PM Departure Ferryboat Cherbourg – Portsmouth
02.30 PM Arrival Portsmouth and ground transportation to Upottery- RCPT UK HQ.
(UK schedule to be sent separately to Cross Channel participants)

Friday, June 1st 

09.00 AM
Who: ALL JUMPERS except “Albany” jumpers.
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville
Purpose : Paper checks, signing of waivers, equipment checks.

11.00 AM
Who: DZ Personnel Carentan 
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville
Purpose: DZ briefing by DZSO 
11.00 AM: Dept DZ personnel to Carentan DZ.

02.30 PM: Operation “Albany” Jump on Carentan DZ

04.00 PM
Who: “Albany” jumpers & All RCPT members welcome
Place: Carentan: Cabbage Patch 101st AB Monument
Purpose: Ceremony

05.30 PM
Who: “Albany” jumpers
Place: Carentan Cabbage Patch
Purpose: Departure bus to HQ RCPT Fresville.

08.00 PM
Who: “Albany” jumpers and DZSO personnel
Place: Carentan, Gymnase du Haut Dyck (Port Carentan)
Purpose :Dinner on invite of the city of Carentan
(return by own transportation)

Saturday, June 2nd
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville

11.00 AM Mission briefing- Initial manifest call – uniforms and equipment check
DZSO Briefing.

12.00 AM Departure Bus from HQ Fresville to Cherbourg Maupertus Airfield

00.45 PM Arrival Bus Airfield - Sustained Airborne Training – JMPI

02.30 PM Loading Aircraft and takeoff

03.00 PM P-hour Azeville Chalk 1 – D-bags drop

04.00 PM (Optional 2nd Chalk)

Parachute Packing Demonstration on DZ Azeville
& Azeville festivities

H- TBD Return to Fresville HQ

Sunday, June 3rd
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville

06.00 AM Mission briefing- Initial manifest call – uniforms and equipment check
DZSO Briefing.

07.00 AM Departure Bus from HQ Fresville to Cherbourg Maupertus Airfield

07.45 AM Arrival Bus Airfield - Sustained Airborne Training – JMPI

10.00AM Loading Aircraft and takeoff

10.30 AM P-hour La Fière Chalk 1 

01.00 PM Loading Aircraft and takeoff

01.30 PM P-hour La Fière Chalk 2

02.30 PM Ceremony Iron Mike, La Fière

05.00 PM Departure bus to Sainte Mère Eglise
No transportation scheduled (yet) from SME to HQ Fresville

Monday, June 4th
Who: ALL JUMPERS Foucarville & DZ Personnel
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville

12.00 AM Mission briefing- Initial manifest call – uniforms and equipment check
DZSO Briefing.

01.00 PM Departure Bus from HQ Fresville to Cherbourg Maupertus Airfield

01.45 PM Arrival Bus Airfield - Sustained Airborne Training – JMPI

03.30 PM Loading Aircraft and takeoff
04.00 PM P-hour Foucarville Chalk 1 

05.00 PM (Optional 2nd Chalk)

06.00 PM Drinks and gathering with the town council & public near the DZ

07.00 PM Return bus to HQ Fresville

Tuesday, June 5th
Place: RCPT HQ 3 Saussetour, 50310 Fresville

04.00 PM Mission briefing- Initial manifest call – uniforms and equipment check
DZSO Briefing.

05.00 PM Departure Bus from HQ Fresville to Cherbourg Maupertus Airfield

06.00 PM Arrival Bus Airfield - Sustained Airborne Training – JMPI

08.15 PM Loading Aircraft and takeoff

09.00 PM (or later) P-hour DZ XXXX

Campsite Fresville HQ

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