75th Annual D-Day preparation continues

8 Apr 2019 08:43 | John Hoffstetter (Administrator)

RCPT-USA completed their final training and proficiency event, Operation Sandsnake III, prior to this June's 75th annual D-Day Commemoration at Kay Larkin Field, Palatka, Florida, March 18-23, 2019.   The event was well attended with American Airborne Group sponsoring two international jumpmasters from Columbia and Estonia. We also had the honor of jumping with members of the American Freedom Distillery who produce Horse Soldier whiskey.  AFD was founded by members of Operational Detachment- Alpha (ODA) 595 who were the first US Military members to enter Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

OSSIII featured the C-47 Tico Belle of the Valiant Air Command and filled the skies over Larkin Field with round canopies.  Jumpers and jumpmasters completed training and are now eagerly awaiting the events scheduled for June in Normandy.  The event featured a foreign wing exchange, bar-b-que, whiskey tasting, and a detailed presentation of the exploits of ODA 595 with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.  AFD even worked with riggers from Skyshark Parachute Rigging and RCPT-USA to rig a whiskey barrel door bundle and successfully kicked a bundle of whiskey over the DZ without any loss of whiskey, officially making the Horse Soldier whiskey AIRBORNE.

RCPT-USA will be hosting our next training and proficiency event in late October or early November.  Watch our website and FaceBook page for the event announcement.  In the meantime, RCPT-USA will be joining RCPT in Europe and the Netherlands for commemorations of D-Day and Market Garden.  We hope to see you there.



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