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Honoring the Valor of Paratroopers Worldwide!

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Join us to participate in WW2 Commemorations in Normandy, Market Garden and other historic drop zones!


Demonstration Jumps and Air Shows

Looking for a group of Experienced Paratroopers to perform a Professional WWII Airborne Demonstration at your event or Airshow?  RCPT-USA is your jump team!

 The Round Canopy Parachuting Team - USA has a proven track record of conducting successful airshows from coast to coast. We use state of the art communications and drop zone planning to perform safe and professional airborne operations. We set up informative displays, interactive presentations, and jump preparation and command demonstrations on the aircraft staging line. RCPT-USA assisted in the planning and operations of Daks over Normandy in 2014 for the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, and routinely participates in commemorations of Normandy and Market Garden parachute operations.

We can coordinate with other teams and reenactment groups to add realism to airshows and military events. We work with several WW2 veteran aircraft including the C-47's Tico Belle, Placid Lassie, Southern Cross, the C-53 D-Day Doll, the C-46 Tinker Belle, and other WW2 transport aircraft around the country.

RCPT-USA has a letter of authorization (LOA) from the Federal Aviation Administration, and obtains all required FAA documentation in our detailed planning process. RCPT-USA is a member of the International Council of Air Shows, and attends the ICAS convention annually.

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About Us

Our mission: The Round Canopy Parachuting Team-USA safely performs World War Two style parachuting activities as commemorative airborne operations, and conducts memorial ground services to honor Allied Paratroopers and all Veterans who fought, and many died, to defeat despotism in Europe, and around the world. The RCPT performs these duties to promote international Airborne esprit de corps, and to humbly reinforce world-wide memories of the priceless deeds of valor and selfless sacrifices so many made in the brutal battles to restore peace on earth.


The Round Canopy Parachuting Team- USA (RCPT-USA) is composed of current and former military paratroopers, civilian parachutists, and history enthusiasts who are proud to promote the unity of Airborne troopers worldwide.  The RCPT-USA is proud to be a part of the military style static line parachuting community. We believe strongly in honoring history while safely enjoying the sport of military style static line parachuting. We welcome all qualified jumpers, with proper certification, to join us at any of our training and proficiency events irrespective of team affiliation. Furthermore, we respect and support the decision of RCPT-USA team members who desire to participate with other parachuting teams. We also welcome members of other teams/groups who desire to participate in official RCPT-USA events such as air shows, to join our team and maintain dual membership with their current team/group. Membership to RCPT-USA is a requirement of our insurance carriers for participation in official events. With a strong and united static line military style parachuting community we all achieve our goals of honoring those who went ahead of us, improve safety through shared experience, engage in community outreach with our veterans, and expanding our reach to share our love of military parachuting.

Future Operations


Collected: $20,795.44
Goal: $50,000.00
Donations to help sponsor Airborne Veterans get Their Knees Back in the Breeze, and to Help return Paratroopers to Normandy 75th Anniversary of D-Day June, 2019

RCPT-USA Board of Directors

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 Recent Events!

RCPT-USA First-Jump Course, JM Refresher and Jump Weekend at Kay Larkin Field, Palatka, FL, Feb, 2017

RCPT-USA and the American Airborne Group hosted for a week of JM refresher, instruction camaraderie and international cooperation. JMs from Thailand, Philippines, Estonia, and Italy led jumps from the Cessna and Caravan. Great times were had by all!! Next event is planned 26-29 October 2017.

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