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VISION: RCPT-USA’s vision is to honor the history of Allied Airborne Forces past, present, and future.

MISSION: RCPT-USA performs round canopy commemorative airborne demonstrations to increase awareness and educate the public about the sacrifices and heroism of Allied Paratroopers from WWII onward.

PURPOSE: RCPT-USA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which wishes to highlight the accomplishments of allied paratroopers from WWII onward by fostering camaraderie among individuals who share a passion for round canopy parachuting and inspiration from the actions and deeds of paratroopers past. This is accomplished through partnerships with worldwide RCPT chapters, demonstration and commemoration parachuting activities, and sustainment and training events in the US and around the world. We wish to provide a place which offers standardized and safe parachuting activities and afford a sense of community for our team members. For RCPT, commemorating the past, supporting veterans, and supporting our members makes round canopy parachuting “more than just a jump.”

RCPT-USA is based in the southeast United States, but participates in round canopy static line events across the US and internationally in partnership with European Chapters. 

2020 Board of Directors:              2020 Appointed Positions:

President:  William "Bill" Markham Historian:  Daniel Flint
Vice President:  Robert Andrew Public Affairs:  Dallas Pierce
Secretary/Treasurer:  John Hoffstetter SGT at Arms:  Vacant
Safety and Training:  Rick Randall Lead JM: CJ Hurst
Event Coordinator:  David Munoz Chaplain:  Vacant
Lead Parachute Rigger:  Tim Major
Military Liaison:  CSM Rick Lamb

General Counsel:  Vacant

Please Contact us at:

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RCPT-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.    

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