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The Round Canopy Parachuting Team-USA safely performs World War Two style parachuting activities as commemorative airborne operations to honor Allied Paratroopers and all Veterans who fought to defeat despotism in Europe and around the world. This we humbly do to reinforce world-wide memory of their priceless deeds of valor, and the selfless sacrifices so many made in those brutal battles to restore peace on Earth.

The RCPT - USA is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes and educates the public about round canopy parachuting through parachute demonstrations, proficiency training, and educational activities. We also provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and new techniques used by parachutists, parachute riggers, and aviators, in order to ensure safe practices for all.

The RCPT is based in the southeast USA, but participates in round canopy static line events across the United States and internationally in partnership with our European members. 

2020 Board of Directors:              2020 Appointed Positions:

President: William "Bill" Markham Historian:  Ken Peck
Vice President: Robert Andrew Public Affairs:  Kaila Comeau
Secretary: John Hoffstetter SGT at Arms:  Dave Krasner
Safety and Training: Rick Randall Chaplain:  Vacant
Event Coordinator: David Munoz
Lead Parachute Rigger: Tim Major
Treasurer: Val Markham
Military Liaison: CSM Rick Lamb

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RCPT-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.    

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