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Current and Qualified Parachutists:
          RCPT Member or military or government trained parachutists, and
          1 parachute jump within the last 180 days

Basic and Refresher Candidates:

    If you are a previously trained jumper registering for the EAR, we will need either a copy of your DD-214, airborne training certificate, hazardous duty (jump) orders, or parachutist badge orders showing you are airborne qualified. Additionally, we encourage you to send jump logs to help the cadre assess your level of experience.

     Candidates over 65 need their primary care provider to sign off on the RCPT-USA Medical Clearance Form. It can be found on the website in the members resource area. You must submit a copy of this form prior to the start of training.

     We fully understand the warrior spirit and your desire to parachute. That’s why we’re all here! It isn’t just about your desire to jump though. We take your safety very seriously. Unfortunately, injuries are not always avoidable and affect not only the jumper, but everyone involved. We are asking you to take a good hard look at yourself and ensure you are not only mentally prepared to train but that you are physically able to train.

    We ask that all jumpers, at a minimum, ensure they are physically capable of performing the following essential tasks in order to safely participate in round canopy parachuting activities:

  - Weigh no more than 240 lbs.
  - Jump down from a 24 inch tall platform and roll onto the ground.
  - Recover to a standing position from lying face up, without assistance or difficulty.  
  - Raise arms over head to reach, firmly grasp and pull a steering toggle or riser (+/-10 lbs of force).
  - Carry one’s own parachute equipment unassisted (weighing ∼50 lbs).  
  - Be able to transfer from sitting on the ground to standing, stand for ∼15 minutes at a time and walk for a distance of ∼100 yards while wearing one’s own parachute equipment.

International Guests:
If you are an international RCPT member, foreign jumpmaster, or have graduated from an allied military training course and wish to jump with RCPT-USA, please contact us about qualifications and currency. We do have many international members, this is not a barrier to participation and you are welcome to attend our events!


Parachutes and Reserves:
Steerable round canopy static line parachutes using a direct bag deployment system (SF-10A, MC1-1, SET-10, MC-6, and MC-7) are acceptable for use. NO modified parachutes are allowed at RCPT-USA events.

FAA regulations require that all Reserve parachutes be inspected and repacked by an FAA certified parachute rigger every 180 days.

MC1-1C/D, SF-10A, SET10 and MIRPS rental parachutes available at events.

Suitable options include the M1 helmet with swivel bales, Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), OpsCore BASE or FAST, Team Wendy, Revision, Pro-Tec, Crye Airframe, PT Helmets, and PASGT.  

Airsoft helmets are not suitable for parachuting!

Airshows and demonstration jumps may require specific uniform items (such as M1942 or M1943 uniforms).

Participants at training events are welcome to wear any military uniform or appropriate civilian attire suitable for parachuting (pants, long sleeves, and boots). 

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