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    • 14 Oct 2019
    • 20 Oct 2019
    • Skydive Palatka


    Hosted by Skydive Palatka and RCPT-USA

    Static Line & Freefall Operations 

    Main Aircraft  -SKYVAN

    More details & info to come

    Jumpers - Event Fee - $50 (lunches, logistics)

    Basic Round Canopy Jump Course -$600 ($525 for Members) 15-20 October 2019-  This 5-day course teaches the basics of jumping with a military static line steerable round parachute. It is for those with no previous parachuting experience, experienced skydivers who have not jumped with a round parachute before, and those with previous round canopy experience who desire recurrency training after a long break in service or who simply want to learn. You will be instructed on the use of the SF-10A parachute, currently in use with the US Army as part of the MC-6 parachute system.  Instruction will include equipment familiarization, actions in the aircraft, actions during descent, landing techniques, the basics of round canopy control and emergency procedures. After completing ground training, you will conduct 3 jumps from a Cessna 182 or Kodiak and 2 jumps form the event special contracted airframe from 1,500 feet AGL. Total cost for the course is $600.  After completing the first jump course, you will receive a RCPT-USA Certificate of Completion. 

    Extended Jump Refresher - $275   ($200 for Members) 15-20 October 2019.  This 2 jump Refresher Course for Troopers who have been to a Basic Airborne course, but who are not on current active duty jump orders, or who have never jumped with RCPT-USA, and have not jumped in the last 180 days (or 18+ years!). This 3 day course runs congruently with the BRCJC will update the jumper on current SF-10A parachutes and jump procedures, to prepare them for 2 jumps at the end of the course from either the Cessna or Kodiak. The course price includes professional instruction, a reference manual, jump fee, parachute rental, parachute repacking, and RCPT-USA Annual Membership. At the conclusion of the Extended Jump Refresher the jumper is free to attend and jump at the event as they so choose.

    Basic Jump Refresher - (Member benefit) 18 October 2019  Refresher Course is for RCPT-USA members who have not jumped in the last 180 days but who has participated in RCPT-USA jump events in the past. This 8 hour course will update the jumper on current SF-10A parachutes and jump procedures, to prepare them for a jump at the end of the course. This course is for RCPT-USA members who have jumped with RCPT-USA.  Jumpers are still responsible for the $50 event fee.


    • 31 Oct 2019
    • 20:00 (EDT)
    • 4 Nov 2019
    • 17:00 (EST)
    • Stuart, Florida
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