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Upcoming events

    • 5 Feb 2022
    • 07:00 - 14:00
    • Kay Larkin Field, Palatka, Fl

    RCPT-USA is looking for 18 jumpers and jumpmasters to drop in at the beginning of the 2022 Palatka Classic Car and Fly-In on February 5, 2022.  TOT will be approx 1115 hrs.Aircraft is the C47 Tico Belle.

    This event is for current and returning RCPT-USA members only. Uniform is M42s, Steel Pots, Brown Boots.  Jump is free.  Parachute rental $25, Repacks $25 or you can jump and pack your own.

    Jumpers must arrive and be ready to jump by 0700 on the morning of February 5th 2022.

    • 28 Feb 2022
    • 07:30
    • 6 Mar 2022
    • 20:00
    • Kay Larkin Field, Skydive Palatka, Florida


    Hosted by  RCPT-USA

    Main Aircraft  - C47 Tico Belle

    Register NOW!!

    All Jumpers - Event Registration Fee - $50 (Dinner at the hanger on Saturday, logistics, and t-shirt). Jump Opportunities: We will have several round jumps every day Friday through Sunday. C47 jumps will be $80.00 per jump, Cessna jumps are $25. Chute rental is $50 for the event and repacks are $25 each. If you own your own parachute and plan on making multiple jumps a day, you are strongly encouraged to rent a second parachute to prevent delays due to packing.

    Guatemalan Jump Wings- 

    Jumping with Guatemalan Jumpmastered passes. Registered jumpers will receive Guatemalan parachute wings and jump certificate from our guest jumpmaster, suitable for framing in ceremony at end of event. Price of $75 USD per wing/certificate set. Price is used to cover price of wings, transportation, and lodging of the guest JM. Price DOES NOT include parachute rental, jump cost, or event registration. Jumpers are responsible to REGISTER FOR EVENT SEPARATELY.  registration code will be found in confirmation email of event registration. NO STUDENT JUMPS will be made on foreign JM'd passes. Once a student has completed all qualifying jumps they may manifest for the foreign jump wings program and will be responsible for covering all additional fees associated with the extra jump.

    Basic Parachuting Course (BPC)-$700  Arrival 28 Feb, 2022 and training from 1-5 March 2022- Training available to members only, candidates must joint the team prior to registering for course.  This 5-day course teaches the basics of jumping with a static line steerable round parachute. You will be instructed on the use of the SF-10A parachute, currently in use with the US Army as part of the MC-6 parachute system.  Instruction will include equipment familiarization, actions in the aircraft, actions during descent, landing techniques, the basics of round canopy control, and emergency procedures. After completing ground training, you will conduct 3 jumps from a Cessna 182 and 2 jumps from the event special contracted air frame from 1,500 feet AGL. Total cost for the course is $700.  After completing the basic parachuting course, you will receive your RCPT-USA wings.  Lunches are included on training days for students as well as event registration for the weekend.

    Extended Airborne Refresher (EAR)- $300 Arrival 28 Feb, 2022 and training from 1-4 March 2022.  -Training available to members only, candidates must join team prior to registering for training. This 2 jump Refresher Course is for jumpers who have been to a Basic Airborne Course and have jumped static line round canopies, but who are not on current active duty jump orders, or who have never jumped with RCPT-USA before, and have not jumped in the last 180 days (or 18+ years!). This 3 day course runs congruently with the BPC and will update the jumper on current SF-10A parachutes,  jump procedures, and to prepare them for 2 jumps at the end of the course from a Cessna 182. The course price includes professional instruction, a reference manual, jump fee, parachute rental, and parachute repacking for two jumps. At the conclusion of the Extended Airborne Refresher the jumper is free to manifest and jump at the event at the same cost as a strap hanger (jumps/parachute rentals/re-packs paid separately).  Lunches are included on training days for students as well as event registration for the weekend.

    Basic Airborne Refresher (BAR) - (Free Member Benefit) 4 March 2022,  Basic Airborne Refresher is for returning RCPT-USA members who have not jumped in the last 180 days but who have participated in RCPT-USA jump events in the past or for AD paratroopers who need cross training with SF10 and MIRPS-SLCP. This course will update the jumper on current SF-10A parachutes and jump procedures, to prepare them for a jump (not included) at the end of the course. This course is only for RCPT-USA members who have jumped with RCPT-USA or AD paratroopers on current jump orders.  Jumpers are still responsible for the $50 event fee. 

    NOTE:  Current SL steerable round canopy jumpers do not need to join the team in order to straphang at our events however, anybody desiring to attend the BPC or the EAR must be a team member.  Join the team prior to attempting to register for a course. You must pay for event at time of registration or your registration will be cancelled after 15 minutes.  In order to guarantee your slot in a course you must pay the registration fee.  If the course you need is full, please register on the waitlist, if someone drops out and can not attend we will add new registrants from the waitlist. 


    Lodging options - Camping at the DZ (there is space for tents or RVs at skydive palatka $5.00 nightly fee). Hotels options include Sleep Inn Palatka 3805 Reid St, Palatka, FL 32177 PH# (386)325-8889 or Holiday Inn Express Palatka, 3813 Reid St, Palatka, FL 32177 PH# (386) 325-2500.  Hotels are adjacent to one another and are 1 mile from DZ (if available ask for skydiver discount)

    Arrivals: Nearest airports are Gainesville (GNV) and Jacksonville (JAX). Let us know your flight plans, so we can help link up travelers for car-pooling to and from the airport.

    Clothing: Any style military field uniform is fine, but you can wear any long sleeve, long pants, and over the ankle boot ensemble you like. Participants typically wear service specific ACU/OCP type uniforms as well as WWII style M1942 uniforms and flight suits. Suitable helmets include the Pro-Tec, Crye, Ops-Core FAST (ballistic and bump), Team Wendy, PT Alpha/Bravo;  RCPT also has available ACH helmets for use. Airsoft helmets are not suitable for parachuting.

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