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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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75th Anniversary Market Garden Memorial Airborne Operation

  • 16 Sep 2019
  • 19 Sep 2019

This event listing is for information purposes only.  TO jump you must contact RCPT-NL and register. 

Email: [email protected]



Preferred uniform for jumps is US M43 plus jump boots & airborne helmet. (Fixed D-bale helmets are NOT allowed).

For Market Garden 2019 we offer the following Jumps:

1.     Monday, September 16       Son DZ “Operation Capt. Fred Hancock” DZ C Memorial Jump       Jump price € 250.00          
2.     Tuesday, September 17      
Eerde DZ “Operation Pvt. Bobby Hunter” DZ A Memorial Jump Same date, same time, same DZ: exactly 7
       Jump price € 250.00  

3.     Thursday, September 19      Grave DZ “The bridges are ours!” DZ O Memorial Jump        Jump price € 250.00     

Discount: if you make all 3 jumps the total price is € 700.00 Euros

The minimum required total round canopy jumps to jump from a C-47 at a demonstration is 5. The chief jumpmaster has the final decision.

Paperwork of your equipment will be inspected before the jumps. No rental equipment is available.
All equipment has to be rigger inspected. (1 year for main, 6 months for reserve)

Main Parachute Only steerable round canopies are allowed. Types such as MC1-1C/D, SET10, SF-10.
Reserve Parachute
Reserves - only MIRPS (centre- or side pull) or modified T10R with MA1 kicker plate are allowed.

Opening System
We only allow the direct-bag opening system. Pilot-chute assist systems are not allowed.


Like last year we have a unique historical location as our base of operations, Campground “Het Goeie Leven” (The good life). In 1944 this campground was part of the famous sand dunes of Eerde where the American and German paratroopers clashed several times. The climax was at 24 September when the Americans launched a fearsome bayonet attack towards a much better equipped German opponent. The battle was intense and both sides suffered tremendous casualties. In October 1944 the sand dunes were excavated as base for an airstrip (B85) which facilitated over 150 Spitfires which flew sorties from here into Germany. Much support was flown from here during the operation Varsity, the successful Airborne operation in Germany near the town of Wesel. After the war these fields were used as agricultural land until in 2011 when it was transformed into a wonderful campground, where the love of camping and good food can be enjoyed. We are welcomed by Johann, Anke, their kids and the complete “Goeie Leven” team. On the evening of the 18th of September a music event with a Big Band will take place at “Het Goeie Leven”. (This is under slight reservation.)

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