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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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Stuart Air Show 2020

  • 6 Nov 2020
  • 07:00
  • 8 Nov 2020
  • 17:00
  • Stuart, Florida
  • 0


  • Must be approved to operate RCPT-USA DZ per the RCPT BOD
  • Must have a minimum of 35 round canopy jumps, be deemed airshow qualified by the RCPT-USA BOD, and have a round jump within 90 days of the last jump of the event.
  • Must be a current RCPT-USA member and qualified and current RCPT-USA JM
  • Must commit to all days of Airshow. Duties will include local runs for supplies, food / water as needed. Transportation for jumpers, helping with merchandise table, etc.
  • Must commit to staffing the T-shirt and information booth in shifts for the opening hours of the airshow
  • RCPT-USA photographer will accompany RCPT-USA team members to document activities of the team in all aspects of supporting this event in order to promote RCPT-USA in performing their mission of honoring past paratroopers and informing/educating the public or their accomplishments.
  • This is for RCPT-USA recognized riggers only for support of all jump operations. Chute inspection and packing as well as performing duties as malfunctions officer.

JUMPERS HIT IT!  In an unexpected turn of events our friends at the Audi Stuart Airshow 2020 and Friends of Army Aviation (OBCIV Huey operators) will be providing a jump platform for RCPT-USA to perform demonstration jumps at this years airshow.

Stuart Airshow has been contracted with RCPT-USA.

RCPT-USA will be returning to the Stuart Air Show in 2020 ( The Stuart Air Show is a 3 day event from Friday, November 6, 2019 to Sunday, November 8, 2019. Jumpers are to arrive NLT 0700hrs (7:00am November 6, 2020) with all equipment and uniforms prepared to jump that day.  We recommend arriving the day prior. There are three jumps (one on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  All participants (jumpers, JMs, DZSOs) must commit for the entire event.

Jumpers must be established and approved to perform in an Air Show, an active member of RCPT-USA, and must have at least 35 round canopy jumps with their last jump with in 90 days of 8 November 2020.  Jumpers can be approved by the RCPT-USA JM team and Training and Safety officer to participate in an Airshow. Uniform will be Vietnam era fatigues black boots and steel pots.

Jumpers MAY NOT jump any additional equipment.

Jump aircraft will be UH1 Huey as the primary aircraft. The aircraft is TBD at this time.

Lodging (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night- there will be a few hold over rooms if you are traveling on Sunday night if needed) and some food are provided by the Airshow, you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Airshow. Rooms are double occupancy and reserved for team members only. Hotel details will be released as soon as they are available if jumpers have family members joining them. Arraignments for family and friends will be made at the cost of the team member.

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