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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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RCPT-USA's All American Water Jump and Accuracy Competition 2022

  • 1 Jul 2022
  • 3 Jul 2022
  • Kay Larkin Field, Palatka, Florida
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Base fee:
  • Participation in both events is required. Water Jumpers must complete a dry land jump the weekend prior to the water jump.

    Jumps may make up to 3 accuracy jumps for the accuracy competition. You may jump more but only three jumps count for the competition.

    Friday July 1nd- Practice and Recurrence Day
    Saturday July 2rd- Accuracy Jump Comp
    Sunday July 3th- Water Jump

    Rig rental $25/1 $40/ event
    Repack fee $25 per pack
    Lift Ticket $25 per Accuracy Jump
    Water Jump $250 USD


    Saturday each jumper will have 3 tries to land closest to mark, not all 3 jumps have to be taken but not more than 3 count for competition.

    1st Place (closest to marker)
    Award: Black Cat Registration plus 1 Jump
    2nd Place
    Black Cat Registration
    3rd Place
    RCPT-USA T-Shirt of Choice

Registration is closed


This  is a limited parachuting event for RCPT-USA team members who have jumped with RCPT-USA before or do not need the Extended Airborne Refresher or Basic Parachuting Course. Keep your currency, grab some grub and get wet at RCPT-USA's second annual  All American Water Jump and Accuracy Competition. 

Space is limited to 20 Jumpers for the water jump.

Accuracy competition participants need not make a water jump.

Accuracy jumps will be from C-182 for $25/lift and does not include chute rentals or repacks.   Rental- $25 for one jump, $40 for all day, repacks $25/pack ea.

Water Jumpers must complete at least one dry land jump during this event prior to the water jump and complete wet silk training per RCPT-USA's ASOP.

The water jump is into the St John's River.  Jumpers must be preregistered to secure a slot. Cost is $250. Fee includes team MC1 series main and reserve parachutes which will need to be washed and dried within 24 hours prior to repacking or risk being rendered unservicable. All jumpers will be required to wear a USCG approved personal flotation device. Jumpers are responsible to bring their own PFD. RCPT-USA will run the wet canopy classes Saturday for jumpers needing the training. No combat equipment. No helmets. Jumpers must wear shoes and clothes that are suitable for water activities (swim trunks or shorts), that won't come off, or present a hazard in the aircraft or in the air - so no swim fins or flip flops. Recommended jumpers not wear boots.

Jump Aircraft is the C182

4th of July BBQ at the hanger Saturday night and Lunch on Sunday!

Course of Events:
  Friday, July 1, 2022- check in, practice and currency day- BAR for those that need it
  Saturday, July 2, 2022- BAR, Accuracy Competition
  Sunday- July 3, 2022- Water Jump

  • Packing Ticket $25 pack ea
  • Lift Ticket $25 ea
  • Rig Rental $25/1 or $40 event
  • Water Jump $250 (and registration)

Accuracy jump competition:
Saturday each jump will have 3 tries to land closest to the designated mark, you do not need to make 3 jumps but only 3 jumps will count for the competition.  Jumpers pick their spot under supervision of jumpmaster.

Prizes For Accuracy Competition:

1st Place: Operation Black Cat VI Registration and 1 Jumps
2d Place: Operation Black Cat VI Registration

3d Place: RCPT-USA T-Shirt (winners choice)

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