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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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40's Fly In- Jefferson City, Missouri

  • 23 Sep 2022
  • 25 Sep 2022
  • Jefferson City Municial Airport Missouri


  • DZSO is vetted and approved by team lead DZSO, which is SkyShark or Rick Randall. Must be proficient and current with DZSO duties.
  • Support staff who will work booth for merchandise sales, run errands to support jumpers and be available for back up if qualified.
  • Jumpers must be vetted by RCPT-USA safety and training officer or lead JM for event. Jumpers must be a current member of RCPT-USA with 35 round canopies jumps and have jumped with and be known by RCPT-USA. Jumpers must have completed a Round Canopy Jump within 180 days of the last day of the event. Jumpers will be removed if they do not meet the above criteria.
  • Jumpmasters must be vetted by lead JM and or RCPT-USA safety and training officer. Jumpmaster must be current RCPT-USA jumpmaster and have performed duties on a C47 in the past. Jumpmaster must be a current RCPT-USA member. If you are not approved to perform JM duties you will be removed from the registration list as a jumpmaster and assigned as a jumper.
  • Must be a RCPT-USA approved rigger. Will function as malfunctions and be on standby for rigger support.

Registration is closed

JUMPERS HIT IT!   On September 24, 2022, Jefferson City, Missouri will be honoring paratroopers and veterans of WWII by converting a part of the airport into a French street in remembrance of the liberation of France that began with the D-Day landings on June 6, 1944.  RCPT-USA, partnering with All Veterans Parachute Group will be performing two C-47 jumps from Placid Lassie to add an exciting component to this event.  RCPT-USA needs 12 current and qualified  jumpers and 8 support staff to support this event.  Transportation to and from the event will be the responsibility of the member.  The jumps, hotels, event admission, and some meals will be provided by the event.

This is an AIR EVENT and as such jumpers must be RCPT-USA member. Jumpers must have jumped a round canopy within the last 180 days (again this is and air event and not an airshow) that is one jump since March 29 2022.  Jumpers must have at least 35 round canopy static line jumps and be approved for events by our Safety and Training Officer or the events ABC. If you are unsure contact Rick Randall or RCPT-USA to confirm your eligibility. Jumpers may jump their own parachute and reserves. Reserves must be packed by FAA rigger and in date (180 days- 29 March 2022), parachutes will be available if you do not own your own. Some packing stations will be available for packing.

UNIFORM:  M42s, brown jump boots, and steel pots. No extra equipment may be jumped.

Jumpers must arrive NLT midnight Friday and be ready for pre-jump training with all equipment and in proper uniform at 0730 Saturday the 24th.

Name of hotel will be released in the coming days.

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