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Round Canopy parachuting team - usa

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RCPT National Airborne Day Celebration at Currahee Mountain

  • 14 Aug 2023
  • 17 Aug 2023
  • 2351 Ayersville Rd, Toccoa, GA 30577


  • Please add all registrants attending with you as guests
  • Must have registration code. Contact C.J Hurst at rcpt use for code. Jumpers must have 35 or more jumps and have shown canopy control proficiency. Jump price includes, Rig, Lift Ticket, and Packing.

Registration is closed

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!  RCPT-USA's first annual National Airborne Day commemoration and Jump at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.

Event registration $75.00 per person.  This include stay in Original Toccoa Barracks for two nights, attendence to all events including tours and museums (Jumps are seperate), National Airborne Day Dinner and Commemoration. 

Event Schedule August 14 - 17, 2023

>Monday August 14th  :   Arrivals 

>Tuesday August 15th :   Arrivals - team day tours of camp, town, & museum media & public appearances - scout DZ & run/walk route - social time @ pavilion PM                                                                        

>Wednesday August 16th :  National Airborne Day Currahee Run/Walk event AM  -  lunch exhibition jump program (PROPOSED) - museum spaghetti dinner - social time @ pavilion PM                                                                 

>Thursday August 17th  Departures

Notes:  >Barracks lodging (1 male/1 female): bring own linen &  bedding

             >Museum spaghetti dinner will have other food items & side dishes,

  > (CONFIRMED) C-47 for Round Canopy Jump

 Exhibition Jump DZ: Stephens County High School Athletic Field 

                 Alternate DZ:  Toccoa Airport, site of WWII training jumps

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